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Omnia360 uses Corrigo data to drive stellar facilities maintenance results for clients

Ryan Gilreath is Vice President of IT for Omnia360 Facility Solutions. Ryan uses Corrigo to provide maintenance services in more than 20 states to customers in healthcare, manufacturing, office, retail, and banking.

Corrigo is the central repository of information for managing the day-to-day needs of Omnia360’s diverse portfolio of clients. Data-driven insights and recommendations for client assets—whether that’s maintenance or replacement—capitalizes on the thousands of available Corrigo data points for delivering FM best practice.

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Corrigo has helped us become more data-driven by providing a platform that allows us to capture any information we deem important.

Ryan Gilreath

Vice President of IT, Omnia360 Facility Solutions


Video transcript

My name is Brian Gilreath. I am the VP of IT for Omnia360 Facility Solutions. We are a Cincinnati-based facilities maintenance company. We currently operate in four states where we have have associates on the ground. We also have customers and clients in another 16 or 17 states.

We perform a lot of in-house maintenance, so we have a lot of facility maintenance technicians, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers—some of everything. We do also perform a lot of environmental services and janitorial work for our customers.

We operate in multiple verticals, including long-term-care facilities, healthcare, manufacturing, class A office space, retail, banking, and finance.

Tell us about your job role

My day-to-day responsibilities with Omnia are largely centered around the company’s IT infrastructure. I work with the Corrigo team pretty closely.

We have a a couple of different integrations currently with our ERP (enterprise resource planning), our financial system. We also have two distinct databases or instances of Corrigo that have a connection, and so we have a “CD,” or a Corrigo Enterprise Direct connection from JLL to our secondary instance and from that secondary to Omnia360. We spend a lot of time working with the Corrigo team, making sure that those connections work well.

What struggles does Corrigo address for you?

Some of the biggest struggles we hope to address with Corrigo are day-to-day management issues of various customers. We have a lot of data points that we try to track. We use Corrigo as a central repository of all that information, including warranty management, asset management, and the life cycle of our assets for our customers.

A lot of our customers aren’t capable of producing that sort of information in house. They’re a little bit on the smaller side. You know, they might not have the expertise or the right personnel in house, so we provide that service to them.

That includes not just changing filters and doing replacements on some of their equipment, but also providing that analytical, that data, back to them that says this is the right time to replace. This is the right kind of replacement. Those types of things that they may not be able to do internally.

How does Corrigo address help track asset data?

So Corrigo has helped us with our asset lifecycle management by creating a way for us to track the important critical components of an asset. Whether it be as simple as the serial number on the model but also the lifetime cost of it, the replacement cost, all of those different attributes.

So we’re able to get a sense of which pieces of equipment at our client sites are not just critical for their operation but which ones are most important for us to focus on. Whether it’s through preventive maintenance or even to a degree of predictive maintenance through the previous cost on that particular quarter or that particular asset.

What would you tell others considering Corrigo?

What I would tell people looking for a CMMS platform today is that Corrigo can be anything you need it to be or want it to be.

It is a very complex, very extensible service or SaaS product. There are a lot of fields that you don’t need, and there are a lot of fields that you do need.

It’s up to you as the customer to put the work in to determine what you need out of a CMMS, and Corrigo can make that happen.


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