Smart Buildings: Where’s the ROI?

On Demand Webinar

Where do Fortune 500 companies realize ROI in smart building technologies? Can you get similar returns?

If tech selection and deployment decisions are informed by the right strategy, investing $1 now can deliver $3 value (or more) in the following 5 years. Learn what your target ROI looks like based on your space profile.

This candid conversation with sought-after industry expert Matthew Marson brings a unique insider perspective. Matt has deployed a wide array of smart building technologies, knows their strengths and weaknesses, and has a track record of extracting results.

He will reveal how Smart Building tech has helped organizations:
  • Embed/optimize carbon and energy savings in the built environment
  • Ease cost pressures for building operations
  • Enable hybrid work with both physically present and remote collaborators
  • Deliver equitable, productive experiences for employees
  • Realign physical space to its intended operational contributions
This webinar is best for:

  • Organizations that own or occupy commercial real estate, including office, government, university, industrial, warehouse, data centers/critical facilities
  • Heads of finance, construction, IT, real estate tech, facilities management, ESG/sustainability, workplace, HR
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