JLL Azara is the world’s first complete, purpose-built CRE data and insights platform

JLL Azara lets corporate real estate (CRE) professionals sleep better at night, knowing they have answers to all their questions related to their real estate portfolios, operations, and available space within seconds—questions such as:

  • “Are we overpaying for our properties?”
  • “How do I stay on top of all of my leasing events?”
  • “How can our facilities improve employee performance, satisfaction, and retention?”
  • “How do I know I’m making the right decisions about space optimization?”
  • “How do I better anticipate equipment that might fail?”

Azara delivers easy, secure, real-time CRE data access, insights, benchmarks, and recommendations shaped by JLL’s deep industry expertise and market insights.

Why we built Azara

Azara bridges the gap between the data that businesses have and the valuable insights they need to extract from it. In fact, more than half of CRE leaders admit their organizations struggle to collect actionable insights from their data. The reasons for this include:

  • Disparate, disjointed underlying systems
  • Incomplete data
  • Numerous and novel data sources

Disparate, disjointed underlying systems

Most businesses use multiple, disconnected systems: for example, one for their real estate portfolios, another for facilities and operations, and a different one for workspace optimization. Thus, it’s very labor-intensive to manually gather data from these systems, ensure it’s clean and consistent, and then analyze it. The time required to perform these processes can be days or even weeks—and by then, business needs have changed, and you have to start the process again.

JLL Azara streamlines disparate data streams

Incomplete data

Even organizations that have an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), a platform that centralizes certain types of data from many areas of CRE, are learning that the platforms are primarily built for operational processes and decisions such as work order prioritization. They aren’t designed to make strategic, data-driven, big-picture real estate decisions. And despite delivering a more complete set of data than other systems, IWMSes lack critical data points such as ERP and financial data. That information must be manually integrated with other datasets to provide a complete picture—which raises the risk of errors in the data (and the resulting insights).

Numerous and novel data sources

In the digital era, enterprises have more data coming from more sources, making it tough to separate the signal from the noise and deliver impactful insights. For example, commercial buildings are increasingly deploying connected devices that continually generate real-time data. These internet-of-things (IoT) devices include access systems, HVAC and lighting controls, occupancy monitors and sensors, and many more. IoT devices generate valuable and substantial amounts of information that can help companies achieve sustainability goals, comply with regulations, keep their buildings secure, etc. But without a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) system, that data cannot be used to its full potential.

JLL built Azara to solve these problems and enable CRE leaders to make fast, effective, data-driven decisions.

How Azara is different

Although JLL Azara is new, it’s built on our 250 years of experience in CRE and 20-plus years of crafting customized CRE analytics solutions currently being used by hundreds of customers worldwide. Azara is the first of its kind BI platform built specifically for CRE. It offers significant benefits over stopgap solutions, such as using generic BI tools or the basic reporting features that come with off-the-shelf CRE software.

  • All your data in one place: Azara uses an industry-first CRE data model that spans portfolio, workplace, facilities, capital project, work order, occupancy, leasing, energy management, asset, and IoT datasets
  • Compare your data with the market and peers: Azara combines your data with JLL’s proprietary market research and data sources to contextualize your portfolio among markets and competitors. Azara’s built-in datasets come from JLL’s real-world CRE experience

JLL Azara brings contex to your data

For example, with an upcoming lease renewal, Azara examines rents for similar properties to see if you’re overpaying for your current leases and lets you know what you should be paying, based on current rates in that market.

Built with CRE expertise
Unlike platform offerings that implement custom analytics and guess which data points, metrics, and alerts are relevant to CRE, Azara was built by and for CRE experts. Dozens of pre-built dashboards and alerts reveal and deliver the right insights to the right people at the right time. These insights span the breadth of corporate real estate—from portfolios and facilities and operations to spaces and the workplace.

Jll Azara covers the breathe of CRE

JLL Azara is the first complete, purpose-built CRE data and insights platform. Developed by JLL, a recognized real estate technology innovator, it enables real estate, HR, IT, and finance professionals to immediately make more effective, data-driven operational and strategic decisions. Organizations use Azara to optimize real estate portfolios, improve space utilization, enhance workplace experiences, and drive facilities management efficiency—all while managing risk and compliance.

With Azara, CRE leaders make more informed decisions—decisions that maximize positive outcomes for their business.

Schedule a free demo today, and see for yourself just how intelligent Azara business intelligence is.