commercial office buildings in the scorching summer heat
By Kristi Colmenero

Beat the summer heat in your buildings with new HVAC technology

The summer months of 2023 have been unusually brutal. Heat domes over Texas and California. A record number of consecutive days with temperatures at or above 110º F in Arizona. Most people in the US—and many more in the northern hemisphere—are wilting in the scorching heat.

Understandably, this is the time of year when tenant comfort complaints spike the highest. Accommodating these requests strains your commercial HVAC system, generating wasteful emissions and costing you money. In commercial buildings, HVAC use accounts for:

  • 50% of total energy consumption
  • 20% CRE operating and energy costs

Additionally, long runtimes cause premature wear and tear on your HVAC equipment, and replacing or upgrading hardware can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But how can you keep your tenants comfortable and happy without running your air conditioning system ragged or investing big money in capital expenses?

Many companies are turning to new HVAC technology and artificial intelligence to better optimize (and automate) tenant comfort in their buildings.

An extremely popular topic these days, AI has been around for years. And you can use it to optimize your HVAC system without capital expenditure, without sacrificing tenant comfort, and without torpedoing your sustainability goals.

Our exclusive ebook, “The ROI of HVAC Optimization,” outlines the challenges commercial real estate (CRE) organizations face as they weigh the needs of their tenants against those of the environment and their balance sheets.

It also highlights Hank, by JLL Technologies, an AI-powered platform that integrates with your building management/automation system and does what it cannot. Hank uses machine learning to map out your HVAC system and then leverages AI to make micro-adjustments that optimize its operation in real time. It automates your system so well that there’s little deviation from tenant setpoint—even in these dog days of summer.

Optimizing your HVAC delivers significant benefits. This latest piece of proptech knows when a damper is malfunctioning and adapts the system accordingly (so you and your team don’t have to). Hank, for example, can predict temperature fluctuations to precool areas and stop airflow in unused spaces. It makes micro-adjustments in real time, which slashes tenant comfort complaints by up to 80% (more, in some cases).

Solutions such as Hank deliver excellent ROI on your technology investments and free your onsite facilities teams to address more important matters. Decreasing your carbon footprint also increases your buildings’ NOI, as current and future tenants are willing to pay a premium for sustainable buildings.

A platform powered by AI and machine learning may sound like science fiction, but it’s technological fact. Real-world CRE companies just like yours have achieved big savings and high tenant satisfaction with this new HVAC technology.

Learn how: Download the ebook today.