By Remy Albillar

Maximize your time with this Maximo World and TRIRIGA World conference checklist

Maximo World and TRIRIGA World are among the nation’s leading technology conferences and a top annual destination for property and asset management professionals.

Attendees have an opportunity to compare experiences with their peers, troubleshoot issues with the industry’s top EAM and IWMS experts, and learn new ways to get more value from the tools they use every day.

Co-located in Phoenix, Arizona, the conferences are just a few weeks away, scheduled for August 7-10 at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

For those registered to attend, a detailed conference plan goes a long way toward making sure your organization achieves all its goals at TRIRIGA World and Maximo World. Use this checklist to ensure that anyone attending the event has all the support they need for a positive, productive experience.

1. Define your learning objectives

Visiting Maximo World and TRIRIGA World allows EAM and IWMS users to network with peers who are having (or have solved) similar issues with their own EAM or IWMS. Leading technology experts are available to help visitors troubleshoot their top pain points.

Likewise, use case presentations from organizations in similar industries offer “lessons learned” and inspiration for new approaches to old problems.

Attendees get the most from these kinds of interactions when they can readily communicate the problem their team is trying to solve. For example, perhaps you organization is preparing to move asset management to the cloud or integrate a new suite of applications into their operations.

The more details that conference attendees can provide about the roadblocks facing their organization, the better prepared they are to bring back the details that can help solve their problems.

2. Ping your network

If you’ve built up a network on platforms like LinkedIn or Mastodon, then it’s time to put them to use. As the conference approaches, send a message to these colleagues to see if they’ll be attending.

For those who have visited Maximo World and TRIRIGA World in the past, it may be a good time to dust off that pile of business cards from previous conferences and revive a promising conversation or capture a missed opportunity. There are event spaces set aside to facilitate these catch-up conversations; examples include “MaxStock” and “TRIRIGA Palooza.”

Getting a sense of which members of your extended network will be at the conference ahead of time will help you schedule your time that much more efficiently. Don’t limit yourself to your current coworkers. This is also a great chance to touch base with prospective clients.

3. Check out the panels

The four-day conference features a new format for 2023 and will include a wide variety of certificate workshops, learning sessions, open houses, and panel presentations starting at 9:00am on August 7.

Industry focused sessions will highlight unique solutions for members of the higher education, manufacturing, biotechnology, and finance verticals.

Balancing time to attend these events and achieve other conference goals can be difficult in the moment, so planning out a schedule ahead of time will be to your benefit. Following the extended workshops scheduled for August 7, main stage sessions and use-case presentations are scheduled for August 8-10.

Experts from JLL Technologies will be at the conference presenting on several topics including technology UX, asset lifecycle management, space planning, and BIM. You can connect with us before the conference to schedule a 1-on-1 conversation about supporting your EAM or IWMS goals.

You can also visit the official Maximo World and TRIRIGA World website for the full list of conference panels filterable by audience or location.

4. Preview the venue

Getting the most from your time at Maximo World and TRIRIGA World will be easier if you know your way around the venue. No one likes finding out last minute they’re scheduled for back-to-back panels on opposite sides of a conference hall.

It’s also worth your time to scout the area surrounding the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. You’ll save time (and limit frustration) by researching local restaurants, cafes, and other essentials prior to conference.

5. Coordinate priorities

Planning a perfect conference schedule can feel impossible when there’s so much to see and do. That’s why it’s crucial for conference attendees to sort their priorities before they arrive. For those attending solo, make sure to focus on events and panels that align closest with the technology challenges being faced by your organization.

Those traveling to the conference in groups have more flexibility. Breaking up the group and attending panels separately, for example, is one way that a group of attendees can cover more ground than single visitor. Deciding on priorities ahead of time will help prevent conflict over who gets to visit what event.

Visit JLL Technologies at Maximo World

We’re looking forward to meeting new faces and sharing valuable insights at Maximo World and TRIRIGA World. You can find our experts and cool beverages at booth #208. You can also chat with us at Maximo World and TRIRIGA World via a 1-on-1 session or visit one of our panel discussions.