Experience / Anywhere makes your hybrid workplace more people-centric

A hybrid workplace is people-centric, giving workers the choice to work where is best for them. But it’s up to you to keep it that way. It’s imperative that you continue to prioritize your people as you transform your workplace into a hybrid workplace.

Employee experience

With the surge in companies adopting hybrid workplace models, the workplace is expanding outside the real estate portfolios. How do organizations drive employee experience in this new environment? Experience / Anywhere plays a key role in your larger hybrid workplace program, ensuring your people-centric workplace supports the whole person, at and outside of the company-owned workplace.

By rolling out Experience / Anywhere with HqO, companies can engage employees in the same app they use to reserve spaces, schedule meetings, and connect with colleagues.

With HqO:

  • You can notify employees about special offers and discounts from the Hub, to encourage the purchase of high-quality equipment for home offices
  • Employees can order food for lunch
  • You’re able to conduct quick “pulse surveys” to gauge employee sentiment
  • You can notify employees about well-being and amenities offerings—such as an ergonomics assessment or yoga or cooking class—and make it easier for them to sign up

Space optimization

A hybrid workplace requires corporate real estate teams to recalibrate on-site workspaces. Most employees will conduct their individual/focus work at home or in hubs and will come to the office for collaboration, brainstorming, and socialization. Your workplace needs to be designed accordingly.

Saltmine offers an agile, collaborative workplace design process and makes your workplace designs adaptable and iterative. It also facilitates design based on dynamic employee survey and utilization data. Couple Saltmine with VergeSense occupancy sensors to ensure your space design always offers enough areas for quiet time, collaboration, and socialization to encourage productivity and keep your people happy.

Automated cleaning

With spaces used more unpredictably in the hybrid model, sensors are the best way to ensure a clean and safe work environment for your employees. Sensors track occupancy and use of spaces—for example, how frequently doors are opened and closed in restrooms to determine when cleaning is needed. Some sensors even have integrated feedback buttons that allow employees to request immediate cleanings.

The shift to hybrid is part of a broader shift toward a more human-centered workplace. In addition to partnering with JLL, collaborate with HR to craft employee experiences that attract and retain talented, productive workers.