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Corrigo helps Cigna drive value through preventive maintenance

Dawn Boschert, a Corrigo user for the past seven years, is the CMMS Manager for Cigna. She and her team are responsible for maintaining Cigna offices and pharmacies.

Corrigo helps Cigna communicate with its internal technicians and external service providers. Preventive maintenance work orders often include required fields that must be completed before submittal. This ensures that protocols are met, essential for equipment storing sensitive drugs that spoil easily.

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Preventive maintenance allows us to mitigate risk for our medications and drugs. I feel like Corrigo is our savior there.

Dawn Boschert

CMMS Manager, Cigna


Video transcript

My name is Dawn Boschert, and I have been using Corrigo for seven years. I’m part of the reliability engineering team at Cigna Corporation. We keep things running.

Corrigo supports our goals and, as we keep growing in Cigna itself, we keep adding modules. We get a lot of help from the Corrigo support team. If there’s one thing that’s consistent in our business, it’s definitely change.

Cigna works with external vendors for the office maintenance side of our business. There’s also a pharmacy side where work is performed by internal technicians. The office side involves a lot of external vendors who do our annual maintenance and generator load runs. They also do general maintenance, mostly for refrigeration and HVAC.

How has Corrigo helped Cigna’s FM operations?

Corrigo has helps us communicate with our internal technicians and external vendors. Procedures in Corrigo enable us to put our protocol verbatim in the procedure list of a work order. Techs and service providers have to check off the procedures in the required fields or they can’t submit that PM (preventive maintenance) as completed. I feel like the whole PM system adds value to our organization and keeps our buildings operating.

We’re mitigating risk for our medications and drugs, so I feel like Corrigo is our savior there. We’ve proven that our preventative maintenance is aiding the equipment holding our drugs, which are expensive. In the Express Script side of our business, the refrigeration is definitely our critical asset type. The HVAC system must keep the humidity at the right level in the buildings storing dry drugs, while refrigerated drugs can’t go out of temperature for very long at all. You’re talking like a three-minute range or that drug spoils.

What advice would you give to someone considering Corrigo?

If someone were considering Corrigo, I’d tell them it’s user friendly. I feel like the mobile app is pretty excellent, and I feel it has just been made better. One thing about Corrigo is that it improves every three to four months, and there’s always something in the next update that we utilize.

I feel, now more than ever, that Corrigo is listening to our needs and updating the system as we go.

As a member of the Corrigo Customer Advisory Board, one of my favorite things is feeling involved, that I have the attention of the Corrigo staff, and that they’re listening to my pain and making adjustments. I feel like I’m being heard.