Young woman showing maintenance work order management on laptop to manager in factory warehouse. Two business women working together on laptop, checking the inventory.

Proven solutions to streamline maintenance operations

Corrigo Enterprise CMMS replaces repetitive manual tasks with powerful work order automation, so team members are freed up for higher priority work.

  • Accelerate workflows through automation
  • Continuously optimize spend benchmarking
  • Configure automation to your business as you scale
Work orders processed annually
Work order actions annually
Work orders on automated PM schedules
Facility operations leader discusses the day’s work with a team of internal service technicians

Accelerate workflows through automation

Save 2.5 hours per workflow with automated work order creation, assignment, and escalation

  • Real-time tracking, verification, and invoice submittal
  • Effortless Preventative Maintenance scheduling
  • Unified with mobile app to prevent double entry
Two facilities executives review spending trends and set NTEs for future work order management.

Spend benchmarking and optimization

Rely on Corrigo’s automated SmartNTE, and spend insights to reduce cost and time-to-delivery

  • Set NTEs for speed or cost
  • Industry benchmarking by trade, geo and job type
  • Insights and dashboards to support budgeting
Two colleagues in a retail setting use Corrigo CMMS on a tablet in order to place a work order service request.

Configure automation to your business as you scale

Every business is unique and Corrigo never takes a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Templatized best practice for deployment
  • Configure to industry, trade, geo, asset history and warranty info
  • Global reach and support to ensure continuity as you grow

Powerful, easy, and proven.

Get strategic about work order management today!

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