Two technicians with mobile CMMS apps
By JLL Technologies

Time-saving Corrigo mobile app powers FM on the go

The recent release of the Corrigo mobile app empowers facilities management (FM) teams with innovative efficiency and productivity features.

FM is more efficient when there’s a seamless mobile-to-desktop experience for inputting and accessing data on the go from the Corrigo computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

If an HVAC unit repaired yesterday breaks down again today, the tech or service provider in the field needs the up-to-date asset record, including the description of yesterday’s repairs, part numbers, photos, etc.

Gaining access to the CMMS via the mobile app accelerates the diagnosis and repairs needed today.

FM efficiency via the Corrigo mobile app

In addition to the benefits of syncing with the Corrigo desktop, the new release of the mobile app offers notable efficiencies via personalization.

Why is that efficient?

Facilities managers (FMs) are more productive when their interface matches their unique working style or industry. The Corrigo mobile app lets users filter their work orders by property, work-order type, or priority.

If you’re an FM in healthcare, for example, you may need to configure your dashboard to show work orders with life/safety issues or those specific to a surgical center.

The empowering features in the new mobile app release allow FM teams to:

  • Easily find, identify, and service assets while on the go via an intuitive and friendly UI
  • Accelerate performance and personalize the dashboard interface, from widgets and views to colors and navigation
  • Eliminate data double entry with the seamless data sync between desktop and mobile interfaces. No need to rush back to the office at the end of the day to update an asset record on your desktop computer.
  • Gain real-time visibility into work order status across desktop and mobile
  • Quickly search and customize filters to navigate work orders at high volume
  • Identify asset failure conditions with new categories and codes that generate data-driven insights for more effective asset management

But wait, there’s more

The Spring 2022 Corrigo release also includes a dozen other enhancements to Corrigo that make facilities management easier. Here are a just a few:

RESTful API. Customers and partners can take advantage of RESTful API functionality to build more flexible integrations across a larger set of platforms. Learn more at the Corrigo Developer Site.

Asset failure categories and codes. Asset failure data is an optional but welcome tracking feature for FMs wanting to identify trends for their reactive repairs, which can be aggregated by categories and further refined with codes identifying problems, causes, and remedies. The goal is to drive valuable insights for improving asset performance and mitigating downtime.

Work order completion checklist. Closing out work orders is an FM priority, but before that happens, documentation must be complete, like adding failure codes and repair categories. This checklist ensures that all required information is present before the work order can be closed.

Proposal enhancements. New reporting in the customer portal allows users to review the status of existing proposals and easily add documents—even those from a work order—to proposals.

To learn more about these and other enhancements, visit JLLT University.

Get the Corrigo mobile app

Current Corrigo customers can download the new version of the mobile app at any time from one of the app stores below.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

However, until each customer’s BackOffice has first been upgraded by the internal Corrigo team, the new version of the mobile app will not display the new features included in Spring 2022 release.

Customers without the new version of the mobile app and whose BackOffice has been upgraded will see a prompt in their existing mobile-app login page along (with a convenient link) to download the new version of the app.

Customers who downloaded the new mobile app before their BackOffice was upgraded will not see a prompt because their app automatically updated at the time of their BackOffice upgrade.

All customer BackOffice accounts are expected to be upgraded by May 23, 2022.

And if you’re new to Corrigo and would like to find out more about our mobile and desktop FM software, talk to a Corrigo expert today.