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Corrigo data gives deeper visibility into multifamily FM for Twin Pines Management

Calvin Liu is a Business Process Analyst with Twin Pines Management. He uses Corrigo to manage Spring Creek Towers, a multifamily property of 46 buildings in Brooklyn, New York.

During COVID, all maintenance staff were given cell phones with the Corrigo mobile app, which noticeably boosted efficiency, productivity, and communications. System data gives visibility into completed and upcoming work orders, which can be filtered by trades, thereby giving deeper insights into operations. Reports that used to take an hour or more to complete are now be done in about 10 minutes due to Corrigo automation.

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Corrigo is very good in terms of saving time and providing raw data. It gets better every year.

Calvin Liu

Business Process Analyst, Twin Pines Management


Video transcript

Hi, my name is Calvin. I work with Spring Creek Towers based in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a multifamily residential property consisting of 46 buildings and includes government-subsidized housing.

I am the business process analyst. I’m also the main Corrigo person for the property. I do a lot of data crunching, and I mainly just streamline and make processes more efficient.

How has Corrigo boosted business performance?

Corrigo has definitely helped us a lot. We gave our maintenance staff mobile phones, so they get their work orders through through the Corrigo mobile app.

They get a notification every time we add something or change something, and we’re also able to see their progress in real time. If if they finish all their work by noon, we can set more appointments if a resident calls in an emergency or something. In terms of tracking work orders, we really didn’t have that visibility in the past, but now we’re able to see how much work was completed, how much plumbing work and how much painting work. We can see how much work we have scheduled out in the future and things like that.

Data pushes decision making, so we’re able to make a lot smarter decisions with Corrigo.

How are you more data-driven with Corrigo?

We’re starting to branch out with our use of Corrigo. We’re now using it for inspections. More specifically, we’re rolling out a janitorial building inspections program. Our porter foremen can actually grade how a building is cleaned and that performance gets tied to the porter at the building. We’re also using procedures in Corrigo to detail that out. We’re using print templates to get a grade out of it, and it’s also a report we can print out and directly hand to the porter.

That can lead to rewards and incentives, things like that. We’re really trying to incentivize everyone to do better but not make it seem like were a dictatorship. I think incentives are very data-driven, too, so Corrigo is definitely assisting with that, allowing us to incentivize and reward the guys doing more than average.

How has Corrigo automated your reporting?

In the past, sometimes these reports could take an hour, two hours, a bunch of time. But now we use Corrigo automation and we’re able to create these reports in much less time, could be like 10 minutes instead of an hour. We’re also able to get more data around that.

What would you tell other FMs about Corrigo?

We do recommend Corrigo. It’s also constantly becoming better every year, which is great. It’s very easy to use. It’s very easy to train people on. We have people who don’t even speak English using Corrigo. Overall, Corrigo is really good in terms of saving time, in terms of providing raw data and just processing work orders overall.