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Corrigo helps Georgia Texas Enterprises manage 28 restaurants

Colin Hilley is the Director of Facilities Management for Georgia Texas Enterprises, a franchisee of Taco Bell and Wendy’s restaurants. Corrigo helps Colin manage the company’s 28 restaurants, internal technicians, and external vendors.

Real-time data is key for understanding operations at a portfolio level and for informing the scheduled maintenance that drives efficient facilities management.

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Corrigo is a must-have. The simple fact is, I can’t manage 28 properties unless I can look at the data in real time to understand what’s happening.

Colin Hilley

Director of Facilities Management, Georgia Texas Enterprises


Video transcript

I’m Colin Hilley, Georgia Tech Enterprises, and I’m the director of facilities and management. In my role at Georgia Texas Enterprises, I manage the Corrigo platform at an admin level. I manage both internal and external vendors. I also build, and then I manage the restaurant post-build as well.

How has Corrigo simplified facilities management?

Four years ago, you know, who do I call for an electrical or plumbing problem in a rural town in Georgia? I don’t know, but with Corrigo, click, click, click, there it is. My electrical problem is solved. My plumbing problem is solved. I can sleep easy at night. I can go to dinner with my wife and manage it all from my phone. It’s a no brainer.

What do you like about Corrigo?

Corrigo is a must-have, and the simple fact is I cannot manage 28 properties unless I have a way to consolidate it—unless I have a way to look at the data in real time and understand what’s happening.

You know, initially when I onboard new restaurants with Corrigo, there are typically 90 work orders. How am I going to get these done? Now fast forward four years, and I probably have 30 a week because I’m being proactive versus reactive using the Corrigo the way it’s designed to be used.

Advice for other Corrigo users?

I meet a lot of facility managers out there with a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), and they’re only using it to one-sixteenth of its capabilities.

Corrigo is a technology-based platform. If you really use it and live and breathe it, you can make it dance.


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