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The photograph depicts a bustling office environment, with a group of people sitting at tables, engrossed in their work. The scene is characterized by an atmosphere of focus and productivity, with laptops and books strewn across the tables. The central focus of the composition is a group of people sitting around a large table, deep in discussion. A man in glasses stands in front of a brick wall, appearing to address the group. In the foreground, two individuals are seated at separate tables, typing away on their laptops. A white pendant light hangs over a kitchen counter in the background, casting a warm glow over the scene. Another table features a laptop and book placed side by side. The overall impression conveyed is one of a busy coffee shop or co-working space where people come together to collaborate and work on individual projects.

Intelligent facilities run on Corrigo

Increase NOI across your commercial portfolio

Global Expertise at Enterprise Scale

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JLL is one of the first companies to use Google Maps Platform’s Aerial View API

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Research and insights

Report: Scaling CRE technology to transform

Investing in the right commercial real estate technology is a critical decision for your business. The best solutions can unlock operational efficiencies, improve client and employee experiences, and uncover new business insights that lead to greater value creation.

JLL’s research reveals that clients generally underestimate the complexity of scaling technology-related programs and implementation projects.

This research will break down:

  • How to organize for success
  • How to recognize (and get out of) trouble
  • The importance of agility, IT partnerships, and a strong operational technology strategy

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Trends shaping the leading IWMS vendor landscape in 2022

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