Skill 1: JLL Jet delivers smart meeting scheduling for a distributed workforce

In 2020, we introduced JLL Jet, a mobile-first hybrid workplace app that simplifies how work gets done through smarter personalized experiences. But what does that really mean? How does Jet help your employees be (and feel) more engaged, connected, productive, safe, and supported?

This is the first in a series where we will explore Jet’s functionality to demonstrate how its features helps simplify and improve your employees’ workdays.

Skill #1: Smarter meeting scheduling and collaboration

Enabling work from home has required employers and employees to rely heavily on technology to get work done, collaborate, and communicate. Yet, employees have often been unsatisfied with the tools they have been given. Gartner reports that two-thirds of employees expressed frustration with having to exert too much effort to use the technology their company provides which wastes, on average, more than five hours every week. This friction navigating an ecosystem of systems and tools leads to frustration and disengagement. With hybrid working, these challenges are compounded as the workplace extends to anywhere and everywhere.

With employees dispersed among multiple office locations and home offices, companies will probably need to expand those platforms as we move forward. There is a lot of opportunity for new solutions that deliver more realistic, engaging, human-centric experiences. While nothing can replace the real-world interactions that most people crave, technology can make interactions between on-site and remote colleagues even more efficient.”

Dr Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Corporate Research, JLL

"Human-Centric Tech Will Recast the Workplace," Wall Street Journal, Feb 2021

Jet simplifies the process of connecting with people, scheduling meetings, and staying on-task and on-time. Jet continuously personalizes the user experience by learning preferences and optimizing recommendations around people and places to save more time the more you use it. Across an entire workforce, this starts to add up to real ROI.

In this skill walkthrough and accompanying demo video, you will see how Jet’s horizontal integrations simplify things by:

  • Aligning calendars, finding options for meeting times based on individual availabilities, time zones, and preferred working hours
  • Accessing room reservations systems and identifying available spaces to meet in-person (flagging preferred meeting room(s) as top options)
  • Integrating video conferencing to accommodate virtual and mixed meeting options

Step-by-step: How to schedule a meeting with JLL Jet
  1. Jet adapts to where and how each user is working, delivering the services they need and mapping to the right back-end systems (by location) accordingly. A simple check-in helps communicate work status and availability and creates a one-stop-shop for colleagues to reach out.
    jll jet home page tasks
  2. Jet helps a very busy workforce stay on point with their calendar of events and meetings. Users can set preferences to drive personal notifications about their upcoming schedule and jump right into a meeting…instantly.
  3. In traditional approaches, booking a meeting can be a time-sink of forms, queries and calendar views. With Jet, users can indicate what they want much more quickly by tapping, typing or speaking. Jet takes it from there.
  4. With use, Jet learns your preferences such as who you often collaborate with (even letting you work on a first name basis!), as well as when, how and where the chosen group typically likes to meet. Page through your in-person and/or virtual meeting options and find the perfect fit. Add a meeting subject and an agenda if you like, and you’re done.

Through simple and quick conversational inputs and horizontal connections across systems in the background, Jet makes setting up collaboration easy by eliminating many tedious steps in the process. That saves time and helps everyone focus on the work that matters.

It’s your day. Just simpler.

Want to learn more? Request a demo of JLL Jet.