Infogrid makes smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings

Transform your workplaces and facilities through automation and insights. Automate the collection and interpretation of the data streaming from your spaces and assets to impact meaningful change across your portfolio.

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Infogrid AI, BI for smart buildings and spaces to make happy and healthy tenants and employes and meet sustainability goals
  • Measure conditions and make your buildings healthier
  • Automate and optimize your building management
  • Measure and report your environmental performance to improve your ESG rating
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    of employees say the health of their workplace impacts their productivity

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    would work from the office more if conditions were improved

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    say healthy conditions impact their decision to stay with a company

Create smarter, more enjoyable spaces

Indoor air quality

Measure indoor air quality, improve CO2 levels, and reduce the risk of spreading airborne viruses

Smart cleaning

Focused cleaning where and when it’s needed based on space usage


Measure how people use your spaces to provide just-in-time services like cleaning and temperature

Water safety

Automatically record water movement and temperature to help with contaminant compliance and reporting

Cold storage

Take automatic readings to make sure goods are kept in safe, compliant temperatures

Leak and fault detection

Find and fix problems before the cause damage and disruption

Electricity monitoring

Understand each building’s energy consumption and discover ways to reduce it

Safety and security

Improve safety and security for everyone by automating important checks

Is your city future-ready?

Build smarter, greener, tech-enabled, resilient municipalities.

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Create clean, safe, and healthy environments for your workforce

Improve the spaces in your buildings through sensor-driven insights so you can make enjoyable places to work and visit

  • Measure indoor air quality and improve CO2 levels, reducing the risk of airborne viruses spreading
  • Automatically record water movement and temperature to help with legionella compliance and reporting. Real-time alerts mean taps only get flushed when needed (typically only 2% of taps)
  • Measure and analyze the correlation of environmental factors and occupancy to enact healthy changes
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Streamline and automate your facilities management

Infogrid uses AI, analytics, and automation to help you find the most efficient way to run your buildings and reduce operating costs

  • Run compliance and safety checks remotely to save energy, time, and money
  • Be alerted to maintenance issues across all your assets the moment they happen
  • Automate time-consuming tasks so you can reinvest those labor costs to other areas of your business
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Save energy, reduce emissions, achieve ESG compliance, and help the planet

Track the environmental performance of your buildings and find ways to save energy, such as powering down unnecessary systems out of hours and on weekends

  • Understand each building’s energy consumption and discover ways to reduce it, optimizing the overall performance of your portfolio
  • See where you can save power based on space utilization to reduce your carbon output
  • Measure air quality and adjust temperatures and ventilation, so the conditions are always optimal and your energy bills are lower
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Intelligent Buildings
Smarter workspace, a better workplace

The built environment is pulsing with insights. Cutting-edge real estate technology can help you create a world class workplace.

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Start your journey towards healthy, efficient, and sustainable spaces

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