Skill 2: Return to the office safely with touchless desk & room booking from JLL Jet

In 2020, we introduced JLL Jet, a mobile-first hybrid workplace app that simplifies how work gets done through smarter personalized experiences. But what does that really mean? How does Jet help your employees be (and feel) more engaged, connected, productive, safe, and supported?

This is the second chapter in a series where we explore Jet’s functionality to demonstrate how its features help simplify and improve your employees’ workdays. In this installment, we illustrate some ways Jet can contribute to a safe return to the office.

According to JLL’s latest research: hybrid work is the new normal. However, while remote work is set to double, from 1.2 days pre-pandemic to 2.4 days a week, work from-home is not the panacea for all workstyles. Collaboration and direct human contact will always be critical drivers around productivity and engagement of the workforce.

But employees have new expectations of what it will take for them to feel safe and to want to return to the office. Among the new standards employees expect:

  • Mandatory health screening on entry
  • Less dense work environments with ample physical distancing
  • Heightened levels of cleaning and hygiene

For workplace, IT, and HR leaders, this means broad consideration of how to meet these kinds of expectations while also delivering a more seamless experience for employees who have already been confronted with massive change. That’s where Jet comes in. Jet’s skills address the connection of work, people and spaces.

Skill #2: Safely finding and reserving desks and rooms

In this skill walkthrough and accompanying demo video, you will see how Jet supports the return to the office and simplifies the process of finding and reserving desks and rooms while reinforcing safety policies.

This example illustrates:

  • Integrating office entry eligibility screening into the Jet experience, along with notifications and reminders
  • Simplifying the process of finding clean and available desks and meeting rooms with full support for social distancing and touchless policies
  • Automating the process of cleaning and disinfecting shared spaces between uses

Step-by-step: How to safely reserve hot desks and rooms with JLL Jet
  1. As we covered in the previous chapter of this series, Jet adapts to where and how each user is working, delivering the services they need and mapping to the right back-end systems (by location) accordingly. So when an associate wants to go into the office, Jet can take advantage of geofencing to trigger an alert for the user to complete an entry eligibility survey if one is not already on file. On successful completion, the user receives a time-limited entry pass.
    JLL Jet office employee health screening mobile app
  2. Within the guardrails of organizational policies, Jet allows associates to find and reserve a workstation or desk using a very intuitive interface that delivers an outcome in seconds. Note how reservable available spaces are indicated right on the floor plan along with simple safety messaging and social distancing patterns.
    JLL Jet hot desk booking app
    Additionally, if you use occupancy sensors (such as those from VergeSense), Jet can also portray a real-time view of actual occupancy and add that data to space availabilities. If you already have a reservation system, no problem. Jet delivers a consistent and simpler user experience for all of the top systems, even if you have several implemented across locations.
  3. If users need to quickly find an available meeting space, Jet promotes safe, socially distanced options in seconds. You may also recall, as touched on in chapter one of this series, room reservations are tightly integrated into the Jet skill for scheduling meetings, which includes full support for all of the top video conferencing packages. Jet gives users flexibility and choice in how and where they collaborate, a hybrid work imperative.
    JLL Jet room booking and management app
  4. Want to provide your associates near-line assistance with AV equipment from IT or services from facilities? Jet is there to help (we’ll explore service requests in the next installment of this series). However, service requests can also be tightly integrated into your workflow around shared spaces. This means you can automate requests for cleaning services and deliver user notifications to help build trust around workplace safety.
    JLL Jet automate desk room cleaning for FM

Through simple and quick conversational inputs and horizontal connections across systems in the background, Jet makes connection of people to spaces easy by eliminating many tedious steps in the process. But Jet also makes it easier to put safety first in uncertain times.

It’s your day. Just simpler.

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