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How Aire Rite uses Corrigo KPIs to boost FM performance

Robert Moore is the call center and web platform manager for Aire Rite Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in Huntington Beach, CA. Key performance indicators inside the Corrigo Pro platform enable Aire Rite to evaluate the performance of technicians in the field.

Corrigo Pro automation and standardized procedures for on-site repairs streamline the work-order process and expedite invoicing.

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The automation of assigning a tech to a call, checking in, uploading pictures and reports—all that makes for easier invoicing.

Robert Moore

Call Center and Web Platform Manager, Aire Rite Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Video transcript

My name is Robert Moore. I work for Aire Rite Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. It’s based in Huntington Beach, CA. We work on commercial refrigeration and commercial HVAC systems. I’m in charge of our coordinators who dispatch our techs.

I also manage our call center and all of our web platforms, Corrigo Pro being one of them. You know, as the A-Team lead, I love it when a plan comes together. I’m the person who usually puts that plan together, so it’s very fulfilling when it happens.

How does Corrigo Pro improve visibility into your operations?

We’ve been on Corrigo Pro ever since I started. I can see the KPI’s that the Corrigo Pro app provides, especially in areas where we need to improve. I can also see where we’re doing well already, and that’s a big bonus for me.

The automation of assigning a tech to a call, arriving on site, checking in, and uploading photos and reports makes it easier when it comes time to invoice.

What does “intelligent real estate” mean to you?

Intelligent real estate means that the technology available to me is also available to my customers. The technology supports my processes in the office to help our technicians get more done. Lastly, the technology should enable the facility manager to see what he needs to approve the work. That’s what intelligent real estate means to me.


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