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How Gordon Food Service uses Corrigo as a multi-faceted FM tool

Kyle McDaniel is the Manager of Store Facilities for Gordon Food Service. He and his team of eight support 190 stores.

Corrigo fulfills the facilities management team’s requirement for reactive-work-order creation, asset management, and invoicing. Gordon’s IT department also adopted Corrigo to track its assets and equipment. Automating the delivery of monthly reporting reduces regular end-of-month questions from other departments, like accounting.

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We really wanted a tool that provided a reactive-service work order ticket with asset management and invoicing. We wanted to tie all that together, and Corrigo’s done that for us. It’s been an exceptional tool.

Kyle McDaniel

Manager of Store Facilities, Gordon Food Service

Video transcript

I’m Kyle McDaniel with Gordon Food Service stores, and I’m the manager of store facilities. I basically run the facilities management (FM) department for my team. We have three facilities managers, three refrigeration specialists, a service and programs manager, and a facilities coordinator. Together we support 190 store locations.

Why did Gordon Food Service choose Corrigo?

Corrigo was actually a huge win for us. We looked at 16 different FM platforms before we chose Corrigo. We really wanted a tool that provided reactive service work order tickets with asset management, which included invoicing. We wanted to tie all that together, and Corrigo did that for us.

Why are other departments besides FM also using Corrigo?

Corrigo has been an exceptional tool. It helped us become more integrated with other departments that are also using Corrigo. Our IT department was kind of jealous of what we were doing and decided they wanted to be part of the same program. And so we most recently added our IT group to Corrigo, and we started adding their assets and equipment and material lists to the platform. Now they’re using Corrigo to onboard vendors, and they’re starting to have some really good wins.

Tell us how automated Corrigo reports save time for your team

We have reporting that we provide to our regional managers. The biggest thing for an FM operations team is the end of the month, which involves expense reporting and a lot of questions from accounting. We have individual reports and subscriptions that we now automatically produce and send to those folks at the end of the month. So when questions come up, accounting has their reports readily available for answering their own questions.