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Corrigo is the ultimate facilities management tool for WKS Restaurant Group

Brenda Perez is the facility administrators supervisor for WKS Restaurant Group and a daily user of Corrigo. WKS Restaurant Group operates 380 restaurants in 19 states. Brands include Wendy’s, Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and Blaze Pizza.

Corrigo easily scaled with the company’s rapid expansion that saw a tripling of the facilities portfolio in five years. Automation accelerates invoicing, payment, and reporting. The software tracks the productivity of field technicians, shedding light on workloads and informing hiring decisions. Per Brenda, it’s is the ultimate facilities management tool.

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One of the coolest features of Corrigo—and one that I love—is report subscriptions. I can send automated reports to anyone, including store managers needing updates about open work orders.

Brenda Perez

Facility Administrators Supervisor, WKS Restaurant Group


Video transcript

My name is Brenda Perez. I am with WKS Restaurants, and I am currently the facility administrators supervisor.

What are the challenges Corrigo helps you address?

One of the biggest challenges that Corrigo helped us with was invoicing. Invoicing is now the easiest it’s ever been. It’s just three steps, and accounting receives it, pulls it, and it’s good to go for payment. It’s the easiest thing.

What did WKS Restaurant Group choose Corrigo?

The other platforms that we were using at the time weren’t as detailed as it is with Corrigo. With with the previous platform, we didn’t have a lot of assets. We actually probably didn’t have any assets. It was probably selecting the location, having the technician just show up. There was no reporting, there was no checking in or checking out. There was no detailed information we could actually pull. With Corrigo, everything changed for the better.

Corrigo helps us prepare for the future because we’re able to manage three times the number of stores that we had five years ago. It has been able to capture all the information that we need now for tracking warranties and any of the information we need. We can do that with now in ways we couldn’t do before.

How has Corrigo improved FM performance?

It has helped us better track our field technicians’ productivity. We now have actual data, for example, of how long it takes a technician to get from point A to point B. Performance data enables us to hire more people. We’ve grown considerably from starting with 10 employees to now having a department of 40. So, we can present performance data about our department to leadership and say, “We need more help.”

What is one of the coolest features of Corrigo?

One of the coolest features that I use and love is the reports subscription. Once I create a report, I generate the subscription, which allows me to enter any recipient I want. I specify the dates and times for the send. With subscriptions, the stores can never say, “Well, I didn’t know I had 10 open work orders.” I use the reports subscription on a daily basis.

What would you say to someone considering Corrigo for their business?

To us, Corrigo is the ultimate tool. It helps us get and gather all the information that we need to prepare for the future.

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