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March 13, 2023
Trends and transformation

Scaling CRE Technology to Transform

In the past few years, we have seen a greater proliferation of technology across all aspects of corporate real estate (CRE). What was once a nice-to-have luxury has been replaced with an understanding that an investment in the right technologies enables operational efficiencies, improved user (customers and employees) experiences, and new business insights that lead to further value creation for CRE.

Our research revealed that clients generally underestimate the complexity of scaling technology-related programs and implementation projects. This white paper uses real-world programs and projects to examine proven practices, identify common pitfalls, and pinpoint causes for project stagnation and plateaus with large-scale technology implementations.

This white paper will teach you:

  • How to organize for success.
  • How to recognize if you are headed for trouble, already in trouble, or in denial.
  • How to get out of trouble.
  • The need for agility.
  • The need for CRE leaders to partner with IT and use an operational technology (OT) strategy.

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