Healthcare facility employee uses systems technology to manage environment.

How to Build a Technology Roadmap for Healthcare Facilities

CMMS and IWMS are four letter words to some, but they’re also the key to solving challenges unique to medical facilities (e.g., compliance, space occupancy, lease, chargeback, life safety).

This on-demand webinar explores how to break down data silos and leverage IoT solutions in healthcare environments. The end goal is to build a data-driven, strategic roadmap that supports both facilities and real estate teams.

Topics discussed during the on-demand webinar:
  • How to select the right technology stack for your healthcare organization.
  • Connecting systems and data successfully across real estate, facilities, construction, and safety teams.
  • Use cases for risk reduction, automation, and cost savings across multiple technology and service categories.
  • Strategic services to help healthcare facilities deliver peak performance.
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