Guide to data governance

A lack of confidence in data governance leads to distrust in data insights

While 85% of organizations consider data to be one of their most valuable assets, 76% of C-level executives lack confidence in their data despite significant investment and the best intentions.

Confidence in our data is a critical requirement in our organization’s ability to make day-to-day decisions.

Data governance is a set of principles and practices designed to ensure that the data we rely on can bet trusted.

In this Guide to Data Governance, you will learn:
  • How to work backwards to identify the source(s) of problems in your data
  • Build a roadmap to implement long-term fixes
  • Garner internal support for your initiative by preparing a compelling business case
  • Steps to improve data literacy across your organization

Successful businesses which have established a successful data governance plan are able to then substantiate business decisions, optimize day-to-day operations, improve the customer experience, enable digital initiatives, and gain competitive advantages.

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