The IWMS Health Check helps organizations discover new opportunities to get more ROI from their technology.

IWMS Health Check Data Sheet

Organizations get more out of their powerful IWMS when they have the means to accurately measure the tool’s performance. However, it’s no small task to capture the full scope of how IWMS impacts the business and then plan meaningful improvements.

With JLLT’s Health Check program, we assist our clients to develop an accurate, comprehensive analysis of their IWMS performance.

This data sheet provides more details about the Health Check process, includes a timeline of what organizations can expect during the Health Check, and summarizes the potential benefits. Review the data sheet or contact our IWMS experts directly to start charting a better path forward for IWMS.

Common outcomes of a IWMS Health Check include:
  • Better results from IWMS modules
  • Stronger technology adoption
  • More efficient maintenance processes
  • Next steps to improve IWMS performance

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