Improve the quality of your provider network

Source and build relationships with new providers while improving performance from your current pros.

  • Access to a network of over 50,000 peer-vetted providers
  • Up-to-date credentials and scoring for easy selection and evaluation
  • Dispatch to internal techs and external vendors through one platform
Registered Service Providers
Specialty trades
Geography ‘Smart Zones’
Real Estate Facilities Manager shakes hand with new service provider after fulfilling a service work order.

Access to Corrigo’s Global Provider Network

Go beyond managing 1:1 relationships and optimize your overall vendor network as you scale

  • Access to over 56,000 peer-vetted pros
  • Coverage across all trades and geos
  • Effortless onboarding of new pros
Facility manager reviews service history of a HVAC roof top unit (RTU) in Corrigo’s enterprise asset management module.

Ensure work is done on-time and on-budget

Tools at your disposal to ensure compliance, performance, and accountability

  • Transparent vendor scorecarding
  • COI, experience, and credentials visibility
  • Automate NTEs according to industry benchmarks
Facilities manager dispatches to internal and external service providers, ensuring compliance and completion of service requests.

Dispatch to internal and external techs from the same platform

Ensure work gets picked up regardless of whether the provider is internal or external

  • Message, share photos, and collaborate all in one place
  • Join SLAs to ensure expectations are met
  • GPS Check-in/Check-Out for all providers

Powerful, easy, and proven.

Optimize your Provider Network today!

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