Corrigo Assure

Automate COI & vendor management

Rest easy knowing you are always covered whenever work gets done. Corrigo Assure enables you to:

  • Continually validate insurance coverage
  • Proactively manage compliance issues
  • Maintain comprehensive background data

Manage liability and mitigate risk

Remove the guess work and ensure that all your vendors have the right coverage.

  • Map coverage and compliance with your unique locations and business requirements
  • Monitor expirations and renewal dates, as well as changes or cancellation of coverage
  • Audit compliance via insurance experts

Automate vendor compliance

Simplify data management across your vendor network.

  • Upload and manage COI’s, W9’s, and match IRS TIN information
  • Track bankruptcies and OFAC terrorist watchlists
  • Review OSHA violations and other performance data

Improve transparency and accessibility

Modernize your COI and vendor management processes with a SaaS-based solution.

  • Eliminate antiquated, paper-based processes
  • Monitor compliance with detailed dashboards
  • Stop non-compliant work through automated alerts & notifications

Worry less with Assure

Speak with an expert to learn more about how Corrigo Assure can reduce your risks, simplify your vendor compliance processes, and provide more intelligence about your operations.

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