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Are you making data-driven real estate decisions?

If you are a real estate leader or manager, you need to be clear about what’s most important to report and analyze. You also need to set a purposeful business intelligence (BI) agenda that’s aligned to your strategy.

We can help you quickly identify your BI and data strengths, gaps, and opportunities and understand the implications of each. What will you likely face? What do you need to do next?

You can optimize the performance of your spaces with combined portfolio, workplace, operations, and market data. Our technology, data management, analytics, market data, and corporate real estate (CRE) expertise will help you meet all your BI solution needs.

Identify what you need to know

You can’t implement a successful BI agenda without great information. Watch this video to learn:

  • What you should be measuring and managing for success
  • How you can get great data to do it
  • The risks of doing it poorly and the rewards for doing it better

Business intelligence depends on complete, current, consistent, and correct information.

  • 0%

    of organizations lack the technology to effectively analyze workplace data

  • 0%

    of CRE teams use multiple data systems to manage their people, places, and things

  • 0%

    of enterprises have more data coming from more sources than they can manage

Orchestrate rich, digitally enabled workplace experiences

Value to you

Align your business transformation goals to your real estate technology vision and plan. 

Assess your real estate data and analytics maturity.

Quickly identify your data and BI strengths, gaps, and opportunities.

Understand the implications:

  • What will you likely face?
  • What do you need to do next?
On-Demand Webinar – Top Metrics That Matter for Corporate Real Estate

JLL Research experts discuss the new strategic challenges pushing companies to think deeper about the business outcomes they expect from CRE.

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Potential impacts on the business

  • Drive 15% to 20% improvement in productivity through direct access to accurate numbers.
  • Use goal setting and performance measurement to drive 5% to 10% OPEX and CAPEX reductions or avoidance.
  • Use forecasting to anticipate risks and opportunities to drive 5% to 10% OPEX and CAPEX reductions or avoidance.
  • 0+

    BI clients in 130+ countries managing 175K+ properties

  • 0+

    Full-time data, analytics, and BI specialists

  • 0k+

    People focused on corporate real estate data and technology

What are your business intelligence and data strengths, gaps, and opportunities?

Our Data and BI Health Check helps you rapidly identify your data and BI strengths, gaps, opportunities, and implications. You’ll gain a clearer picture of the risk of inaction and how to begin to make valuable changes. Our easy approach is tailored for you.


We work with you to confirm the areas that need the most attention and who should be involved.


We ask the questions that will help us understand strengths, gaps, and opportunities.


We provide our findings and recommendations as well as the implications.

Next steps

We offer insights into what you might do next to address gaps and seize opportunities.

Our Data and BI Health Check covers three sections

Reporting and analytics

What are my most important success metrics? Why?

Data governance and controls

How much of my data is ‘good’, and how do I know?

Technology and architecture

Is the right information getting to the right people, in the right way?

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