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Corrigo helps ABM deliver work order management at scale

Daniel May is the director of operations support at ABM, which provides a wide range of services, including HVAC, mechanical, electrical, janitorial, parking, and transportation, in more than a dozen industries across the United States and select international locations.

Corrigo helps ABM deliver an elevated customer experience through efficient work order management and consistent FM workflows. ABM relies on Corrigo for dispatch at scale and for in valuable line of sight into all stages of service delivery.

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The Corrigo data we collect really helps turn insights into actionable business decisions for us.

Daniel May

Director of Operations Support, ABM


Video transcript

My name is Daniel May. I’m director of operations support for ABM and am well-acquainted with Corrigo. I’m just starting my 17th year with ABM. To me ABM is such a great example of the American dream. This is a company that was founded in 1909 on roughly a $5 investment as a little window washing company in San Francisco.

What are the challenges that Corrigo helps you address?

As a company that operates internationally and primarily in North America, we needed a dispatch system we could deploy across our enterprise first and foremost. Corrigo really brought that to us. We’ve been a longtime customer, and there’s a reason for that. It provides us a line of sight to activities that we typically wouldn’t have visibility to. We’re a geographically distributed company, and without that centralized hub of information, we would not have that visibility to what’s happening across our enterprise.

What was your process for choosing Corrigo?

We considered a number of alternatives over the years, but ultimately we felt that Corrigo and JLLT provided a better value proposition than the competitors, that is, the other ones we considered. It’s just better fit for us. At ABM, we’re about quality, so it was a natural fit to choose the Corrigo software. We work with the JLLT people, quality people supporting a quality product. We have a quality relationship with them, and that means a lot to us internally.

What would you say to someone considering Corrigo?

There’s a lot of CMMS products on the market, but I believe that its flexibility and cost to implement is really unbeatable in this space. The product itself is outstanding, but I think a real value driver, too, are our partners at JLLT. They do so much good work for us, and it’s a true collaboration. It’s a true partnership. JLLT’s customer success team is really a pleasure to work with, and they’re true advocates for ABM. That means a lot to us.

What are the benefits of Corrigo?

Well, being able to work with JLLT, and with JLLT also being in facilities management, it’s almost like we can speak shorthand. The benefit of that relationship is that Corrigo and our partners at JLLT fit very well within ABM’s “elevate” strategy. We’re trying to elevate our own customer experience, elevate the team member experience, and elevate our use of technology. Corrigo hits all three of those points along the way.


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