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Corrigo data drives efficient maintenance for Diversified360 

John Moore is the president of Diversified360, a provider of facilities management and maintenance services that include electrical, plumbing, corporate handyman, moves, landscaping, and snow removal. Using Corrigo, Diversied360 maintains facilities that include high-rise offices, labs, aircraft hangars, and senior-living properties.

Corrigo dashboards are essential for viewing KPIs at a glance, assessing operational performance, and identifying leading maintenance services.

Discover how to boost the performance of your facilities management team. Contact a Corrigo expert today.

Data is the biggest currency in today’s economy, and Corrigo is your data partner in facilities management.

John Moore

President, Diversified360


Video transcript

Corrigo helps us improve the productivity of our techs and our staff because we’re able to see who’s overloaded and who isn’t loaded enough. We have around 43 technicians that are on our accounts, and we’re able to see who’s overloaded and who’s not, so we’re able to make hiring decisions based off of it.

We make allocation of workforce based on this data we’re getting. We also get to see who’s kind of coasting, who’s on the team collecting a check, but their work order count doesn’t really make any sense. So, we’re able to use that data that we get from Corrigo to determine our staff makeup, see who our performers are, and who needs a little bit more push.

What’s the coolest thing Corrigo does for Diversified360?

The coolest thing that Corrigo does, in my opinion, and I’m not a daily practitioner, is dashboarding. We’re able to see at a glance Diversified360’s total number of work orders and where we stand as far as our performance is concerned, especially the KPIs we have with our customers. We have certain KPIs around our acceptance of work orders, our completion rate or completion days. Then we have to be able to take that data and sell to other customers, letting them know, “Hey, here’s our work order receiving rate. Here’s the work order completion rate, and here’s our average days to completion.”

In addition, we’re able to look at data for sales and see our biggest work ticket task, and what’s our least? The answers enable us to shift assets around for greatest efficiency. So again, it goes back to data, from output to input. Any kind of data, discovery, manipulation, and whatnot is amazing for us.

Why did you select Corrigo Enterprise for your business?

Our goal is for Diversified360 is to be world class. Our idea is to work with world class organizations. Our idea is not to be seen as just a bunch of folks who pull up in pick up trucks and do as told but not offer long-term value for customers. We want to be partners with them. Choosing a system at this level allows Diversified360 to be seen that way and allows us to operate that way. Our staff focus is driven toward that world class and impressive level of facilities management.

It’s rare that service providers go to the level of enterprise that I’m seeing. But everybody’s focus is going to be different. Ours is to be in lockstep with our partners. We view JLL as a partner as well as a customer.

What are the benefits of Corrigo for Diversified360?

If you’re interested in doing business and executing how business is done, you need to understand your data and have access to it. You need to be able to put stuff into it and make that data work. Corrigo is going to be your data partner when it comes to facilities management.

What would you tell others considering Corrigo for their business?

I’ve used another software system in a previous business before Diversified360. With Corrigo, I get real engagement from real people. I can see my feedback being turned into action, and that’s pretty rare. I don’t spend a lot of time on hold and on 800 numbers waiting for somebody to help. Corrigo gives me access to my customer success managers. I know who they are. I know their names. I’ve seen them in person, and we can have real-time dialogue in a manner that is kind of rare in the tech space nowadays.


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