facilities manager with tablet
By Brian Prendergast

How FM business intelligence sheds new light on work order management

Work orders are the heart and soul of facilities management (FM). They’re the daily focus of FM energy and resources, the subject of conversations and scrutiny, and a metric by which FM performance is judged.

JLLT’s new business intelligence (BI) module for Corrigo illuminates work order performance with the Operational Insights dashboard, which gives multiple high-level views—with links to details—for quickly understanding work order volumes, costs, and overall FM performance.

Operational performance at a glance

The image below shows work order volume for 12 months. Selecting “WO Type” from the drop-down list on the right shows the ratio of preventive-maintenance (PM) work orders to reactive work orders, an essential metric of FM efficiency. Over time, PM saves more money than reactive repairs, extends the useful life of assets, and generates a higher ROI for FM operations.

For a magnified view of the image below, right click the image and select “Open image in new tab.”

The Total Cost view below plots current monthly work order volume against current monthly cost. With Cost Trends selected, it also includes year-over-year comparisons for each metric. This is an easy-to-understand visual of current and past work order spend. It informs conversations about budget compliance, a critical performance requirement for FM teams.

The Total Score view with Assignee Type selected, as shown below, enables facilities managers to compare the performance scores of internal technicians (purple line) versus external service providers (blue line). The line graphs visually trace monthly scores and provide useful information about each group’s contribution to work order management.

Business intelligence simplifies facilities management

The Operational Insights dashboard also provides links for viewing work order management details organized by property, specialty, Smart Zone (region), or assignee. The high-level and detailed views are available at the touch of a button, giving stakeholders easy access to the metrics that matters most to them.

Be sure to check out our Service Provider Insights and Asset Insights dashboards for the gains in efficiency and productivity they offer to FM teams.

Prescriptive recommendations available in all Corrigo BI dashboards enable faster and more confident decision making.

To learn more about Corrigo’s data-driven business intelligence, contact a Corrigo expert today.