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Corrigo helps Pluckers make better data-driven decisions

Kim Battle is the Director of Facilities and Construction for Pluckers Wing Bar with restaurants in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Ten years ago, the switch from spreadsheets to a centralized database allowed Pluckers to better track asset spend and make more informed decisions about repairing vs. replacing critical assets.

Corrigo data helps Pluckers be more forward-looking and anticipate potential disruptions to their operations.

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Corrigo helps source providers in new markets. Customizable workflows help FMs generate and track data specific to their operations.

Kim Battle

Director of Facilities and Construction, Pluckers Wing Bar

Video transcript

I’m Kim Battle with Pluckers Wing Bar. We’re a restaurant group out of Texas, more specifically in metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio—and growing. We’re a sit-down, family style restaurant/sports bar with big screen TVs, good food, fun environment, and a great place to hang out and watch the game with friends. It’s loud, the game is on, the music’s playing, yeah, that’s Pluckers.

How has the Corrigo CMMS supported your business?

Corrigo has supported the goals of our business in a number of ways. We’ve been on the platform for almost 10 years. The original goal was to move away from pen and paper and get everything on a digital platform. There would be situations where maybe an operator would say, “Well, I called the provider, and I left a message, but he hasn’t called me back.” Or the provider would say. “You know, we’ve been out here, and we’re still waiting.” And what we learned, once we got into Corrigo, was that the delay and the amount of time that it was taking to get work done was a lot longer than we expected.

How does Corrigo help you reach business goals?

Our initial FM goal was to get everything into a system where we could track our spend on assets and make informed and intelligent decisions about repairing and replacing them. Really, we needed to get a global view of all of our restaurant locations. As we got into Corrigo and really started building the program and using it, we realized that there was an abundance of information there to make decisions just beyond repairing and replacing assets.

What does Corrigo reporting tell you about FM assets?

Through reporting, we’re able to look ahead and say, ”I’ve got this list of assets where reactive spend is about 40% of replacement cost. Do we want to go ahead and order replacements now because it’s going to take a year for them to get here?” If so, we can start to proactively schedule asset replacements instead of just waiting for them to break. Because if they do break, we’re down and forced to repair equipment because there’s no other option given long delivery times and broken supply chains.

So reporting has helped us tremendously in making informed decisions ahead of time and to not be so reactive with our response.

Tell us about a Corrigo’s feature that helps you better do your job

Corrigo has done a lot to help us coordinate and talk with our service providers. All communication is time stamped, which covers everything from providers submitting quotes to us approving invoices. And if providers accept the work, it’ll be time stamped, and it’s all done through the system. So I’m able to review the communication stream to see where a disconnect occurred or where we missed a step. That has helped us tremendously. And so from a higher level, I can take a step back and say “OK, this is where we broke down, and, you know, this is where we need to change the process or fix something.”

What about Corrigo’s vendor management capabilities?

Corrigo has helped us source new providers. There have been times when we go into new markets, and we don’t necessarily have a very strong service provider base. Corrigo has a tool where we’re able to search for an electrician or a plumber by zip code. Then I’m able to see who’s connected in the Corrigo platform. At that point, I can start making phone calls and say, “Hey, I’m a new restaurant concept in town. Tell me about your services.”

Why did you select Corrigo for your facilities management?

So, sourcing service providers was a part of the decision why we purchased Corrigo. There was a lot of Google searching, a lot of trying to figure out what we needed. I had heard of Corrigo and some other brands. I interviewed all of them. I did demos with all of them and ultimately landed on Corrigo.

The customization features inside Corrigo were remarkable compared to those of other platforms available at the time. I think that’s still true today because Corrigo is so customizable to customer workflows and business operations and what customers want to get out of the system.