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Meritage pays 90% of its 25,000 annual work orders via FM automation

Mitch Boucher is the Director of Facilities for Meritage Hospitality Group, the largest franchisee of Wendy’s restaurants in the United States. He’s responsible for 345 restaurants in 16 states.

Corrigo is essential for capturing asset maintenance data and helping technicians prioritize their work and boosting their productivity. Corrigo’s integration with Meritage accounting automatically pays 90% of the 25,000 annual work-order invoices without human touch, thereby freeing up time for higher priority work that includes growing the existing Meritage inventory to 600 restaurants!

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Corrigo has helped us manage the data, which helps us manage our assets better by providing the data to everyone in the organization almost instantly.

Mitch Boucher

Director of Facilities, Meritage Hospitality Group

Video transcript

My name is Mitch Boucher. I’m the director of facilities for Meritage Hospitality Group. We’re one of the largest Wendy’s franchisees. We operate 345 restaurants in 16 states. So as we’ve grown from 30 to 60 to 350 restaurants—and our goal is 600—we’ll need to manage our assets and our facilities in a way that gives us the lowest total owning cost for the best experience for our customers and our employees. And so that’s my role to bring all that together.

How does Corrigo improve your day-to-day FM operations?

One of the biggest things that Corrigo solves for us is collecting the data on our assets and our facilities and the maintenance we do on those assets in a very seamless way.

Corrigo helps us at the technician level, so they can see all of their work in a day now on a dashboard at the start of the day to plan their route and their travel and attend to the highest priorities first. So it really helps them be more productive in each individual day, which is kind of where they live as technicians.

Does Corrigo save time and money for Meritage Hospitality Group?

We automatically export about 25,000 work orders a year over to our accounts payable. And those bills, about 90% of them, just get paid automatically without anyone ever touching them. So the automation is really awesome for us as engineers or facility people that want to work on the building, and now I don’t have to do this administrative or transactional work anymore.

In what ways are your operations more data driven with Corrigo?

Corrigo helps us manage the data that helps us manage our assets better by providing it to everyone in the organization—almost instantly. It’s made the data not only available and easy to get through, but I can get it to all levels of the organization now, too.


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