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Corrigo Managed Services drives efficient FM for Jack in the Box

Michael Lehman is the Systems Manager for all corporate-owned Jack in the Box restaurants across the United States. Jack in the Box has been a Corrigo customer for more than 15 years.

Corrigo Managed Services helps the Jack in the Box team by:

  • Managing insurance compliance
  • Initiating the majority of service requests through a Corrigo-managed call center
  • Ensuring service pros respond within SLA times
  • Reviewing invoices for accuracy
  • Resolving nuisance flags on work orders

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We could not do our business without Corrigo. Honestly, it’s invaluable. It’s a partnership, and we need it.

Michael Lehman

Systems Manager, Jack in the Box

Video transcript

My name is Michael Lehman. I’m the systems manager for Jack in the Box, Incorporated.

We manage all the corporate-owned restaurants throughout the United States. We’ve been with Corrigo for 15-16 years, we’re told, and one of the oldest customers Corrigo has.

And it’s a great partnership.

We started with a very much paper-run office with paper invoices. Everything was handled through fax and phone. When we onboarded Corrigo, it changed everything. Now suddenly, everything is in one platform. We have a saying: “If it’s not in Corrigo, it didn’t happen.” It’s an absolutely necessary thing.

Corrigo Managed Services for work order management

Corrigo Managed Services has now taken over our insurance compliance for our connected service providers to ensure that they’ve got updated COIs (certificates of insurance) that are compliant with our needs, which is a huge relief.

Corrigo Managed Services initiates the majority of our service requests that restaurant managers are calling in from various locations and providing explanations of what services are needed. Managed Services sets the priority and not-to-exceed (NTE) limits and get the service requests out. They follow up with service pros immediately after they place the work order. If it’s an emergency, they confirm that service is going to happen within our service level requirement. If not, they reassign the work order.

We’re now on board with the call center for all of our company-owned restaurants. Our managers contact the call center to create work orders, relieves us of the need to have an internal call center. The call center also does a cursory invoice review to make sure the invoice makes sense, and it’s meeting our objectives. You know, parts and labor are broken out, that sort of thing.

Managed Services enforces SLAs and eliminates nuisance flags

But then Managed Services also does work order follow-up as well, making sure any emergency is responded to within our SLAs (service level agreements), which are pretty tight—usually a two to four-hour response for an emergency. So they ensure that happens, which is an amazing burden to have lifted off of our small team.

They’re also handling what I would call nuisance flags. So, a lot of service providers will just reply with a “Thank you” or “Hey, here’s our internal work order number.” The number of flags we were getting was overwhelming. And we only have two facility managers out in the field who are largely running around to restaurants every day and still having to make time throughout the day to manage their flags.

Corrigo Managed Services gets rid of the nuisance flags and clears them out, which is extremely helpful. It brings our flag count way down at the end of the day for these facility managers. And then, additionally, when a service pro invoices a work order, they’re opening that work order, making sure what we’re being invoiced for makes sense. For example, if we put a work order in for a sink, and they’re coming back with an invoice for a walk-in refrigerator, there may be a problem with this invoice. Maybe the service pro submitted the wrong one, so Corrigo Managed Services tackles those things for us.

Managed Services for more powerful work order management

The most important thing though, is they’re creating really quality work orders from our restaurant managers who know their business and have no time to do this. But it’s a necessary thing, so they’re getting work orders in the system quickly and all the way through. Restaurant managers are able to get back to doing what they really need to do.

It’s extremely helpful. We couldn’t do it without Corrigo Managed Services. The thing that sets Corrigo apart is they know our business. It comes down to the people we work with.

We could not do our business without Corrigo. Honestly, it’s invaluable. It’s a partnership and we need it.


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