The #1 CMMS for Facilities Management

Corrigo delivers a single, powerful CMMS uniting your operations, asset & work order management, maintenance, and analytics to deliver smarter facilities management.

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The most powerful facilities management software

Work order management

Simplify work order management, automate maintenance tasks, and enable smart cost controls

Asset management

Manage all asset details, track warranties, and receive repair vs replace recommendations

Predict & optimize spend

Leverage AI-driven forecasting tools to keep spend in line and improve capital planning

Easy-to-use customer portal

Initiate & track all work requests, quotes, proposals, and billing with a single portal that does it all

Vendor management

Improve vendor service quality and accountability with AI-driven insights and controls

Dispatch management

Centralize timecards, scheduling, and dispatching while enabling location-based check-ins

Insights & dashboards

Full visibility across your teams, assets, and facilities alongside insights to improve performance

Interoperable platform

Integrates with your existing systems to streamline processes and eliminate data double-entry

On-demand FM expertise

Access decades of FM expertise with scalable support services when and where you need it

Improve employee efficiency by 75% with work order automation

You already have plenty on your to-do list. Save time, money, and energy with automated work order management and reporting.

  • Automate work orders using trade, location, asset details, warranty info, and weather
  • Control costs with machine learning models to benchmark service providers and fees
  • Power data-driven decision across your facilities management portfolio with real-time reporting
  • Stay on-the-go with the Corrigo mobile app enabling you to work from anywhere

Save millions on asset maintenance with preventative maintenance workflows

Stop worrying about asset management and maintenance with real time warranty details, repair/replace recommendations, and reporting to simplify compliance reporting.

  • Track and manage all your assets in one unified EAM
  • Control costs by analyzing work order history and warranty claims across all assets and locations
  • Understand when to repair versus when to replace — then plan accordingly
  • Document completed work and compliance with industry, state, and federal regulations.

Get maintenance work done right & save up to 5% on invoice costs—every time

Track performance across all internal technicians and service providers to optimize cost, timeliness, and quality.

  • Easily identify top-rated providers who have the coverage, experience, and credentials to do the job right
  • Use data to identify best work and drive actions to improve providers that are underperforming
  • Use smart automation to manage work order costs in real time

Real-time insights to better manage your operations

Eliminate guess work. Easily access comprehensive data and analysis to make smart, confident operational decisions that save money and improve efficiency.

  • Track your spending to the penny, by trade, geography, or asset class, for more accurate capital planning
  • Uncover the comparative trends you need to really understand your operations
  • Discover the highest-impact opportunities to supercharge your P&L performance and brand experience

Additional scale when you need it

Augment your team with experts ready to dive right in.

  • Scale your team with industry experts who know your business
  • Support your business after hours with a 24/7 call center staffed with Corrigo experts
  • Shift to a proactive maintenance regimen to make smart, sustainable decisions that give your team more control of the maintenance processes

Leverage Corrigo’s FM Ecosystem

Corrigo’s vast network of partners and technology integrations makes your job easier and your day-to-day tasks simpler. From hardware to tax management to seamless integration with your QuickBooks accounting platform, Corrigo’s integrations and partnerships help you connect and evolve your business.

Corrigo is the #1 CMMS for any industry, any size

Grocery & Convenience

Simplify compliance, track assets, and manage every location from one platform.


Prioritize work in critical environments, simplify compliance, and manage diverse locations.

commercial real estate
Property Management

Improve tennant experience and response times without killing your budget.


Help restaurant managers focus on customer experience not maintenance problems.

Retail & Banking

Leverage automation to improve customer safety/experience while managing the bottom-line.

Service Providers

Simplify your operations to focus on productivity—get more jobs & get more done.

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