Intelligence-driven FM, for getting work done right

The Corrigo platform empowers you with:

  • Data-backed intelligence to make smarter decisions, now
  • Streamlined, scalable tools to easily get ahead
  • Embedded best practices, backed by FM experts across the globe
locations in 122 countries
users and 5M+ connected assets
years of expertise; founded in 1999

Smarter FM—at your fingertips

Corrigo gives you leading-edge data science technology, backed by advanced AI and BI, that crunches a mountain of data every moment of every day. Desktop, mobile, and tablet apps keep FMs plugged in, operational, and ahead of the curve, anywhere and everywhere.

Intelligence-Driven FM

With a truly integrated platform, FMs can centralize and streamline operations, automate tasks, elevate work order performance, and even predict and solve issues before they arise—all leading to smarter, smoother operations that power better bottom-line performance.

Built by FM Experts, for FM Experts

We launched Corrigo 20 years ago, but our world-class software engineers and experienced data scientists continue evolving the platform, applying a dizzying depth of FM expertise and industry knowledge, to ensure every customer gets the most value from Corrigo while keeping FM operations ahead of the curve.

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